Pregnancy Books for Cavemen Dudes.

There’s a commonly held assumption that women will know more about babies because they’re women. In fact, this isn’t even a commonly held assumption, it’s regarded as damn near gospel truth–even if a woman has never birthed a child or held a child, breeding is structured into her genetic code, and she instinctually, innately knows more than a man.

(Kelly’s reaction to this: “Of course we know more. That’s what we do. Aren’t you just supposed to eat your children?”)

And of course, this is true, for the most part.

I say “for the most part” because I’m a man, and worse yet a Brodie man, which means I tend to hold intellectual knowledge in higher regard than emotional or instinctual knowledge, and thus I’m not entirely convinced that the existence of ovaries grants one all the requisite ways of knowing even as base a subject as the furthering of one’s species. Which is a long way of saying: even if Kelly has a leg up on me because she’s blessed with double-X chromosomes, neither of us knew shit about pregnancy or birthing or babying, and perhaps by going to the library and getting some books on the subject, I’d be able to match her primal wisdom with my bookish intellectual knowledge.


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