The beginning

Kelly came in early one morning as I was lying in bed, looking out at the rain.

“So, just wanted to let you know, because it might explain why I’ve been acting so freaky, but I might be pregnant.”

She handed me a plastic-thermometer looking device.

“See?” pointing to a faint, ghost-like line parallel to a bold pink line. “Two lines indicate pregnancy.”

“That one? It’s not really much of a line.”

“I know.”

We sat there for a minute in silence.

“It’s really barely a line.”

“I know.”

“Can you take another one? You know, try again?”

“I only have one more. I’ll do it again tomorrow. I just peed.”


“Yeah, you pee on it. It measures a hormone in your piss that you only release if you’re preggers.”

“Oh. Really? Weird.”

I looked at the device again, then handed it back to her.

“Well, crazy. What’s for breakfast?”

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