Baby, cats, whatever.

My good friend Marc and Kelly and I were on a hike, talking about children. Marc didn’t know Kelly is pregnant. He was going off:

“When I think of children I think of screaming infants, of financial burden, of the rest of your life being dedicated solely to them. How is that appealing? I honestly don’t get it.  I had to ask Sabrina why people have children, why she wants to have children. I wanted her to explain to me what I’m missing.”

“What’s she say?”

“That she hates me.”

We laugh.

“But then I think of my cat,” he goes on. “And I love my cat. When Sabrina told me she wanted a cat, I was like, alright, sure, a cat, woo-hoo. But now? Now, I love my cat. I love him. Never knew I’d love something like that. Sometimes I think that he’s gotten outside and I go into fucking palpitations.”

Kelly and I looked at each other and smiled.

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