Our little…“average cantaloupe?” wtf?

Here’s something: a number of the books we’ve been reading, and one of the preggers websites in particular, explain the growth of the baby, week by week, in terms of fruit and vegetables. This week, for example, apparently our baby is “the length of a spaghetti squash.” Baby has and will be compared to a lentil, kidney bean, grape, fig, lime, avocado, carrot, summer squash, apple, and bell pepper.

At first, I found this rather disturbing: many moons ago, when baby was “the size of a blueberry,” I found that I could not enjoy my early-morning Cheerios with blueberries with the same relish to which I was accustomed. About a month later our baby’s size was compared to that of a “medium shrimp.” I’m not sure that’s such a good analogy. They’d already said baby was “barely the size of a kumquat,”  and though I do like to pop kumquats in my mouth, comparing baby to a kumquat didn’t bother me, in fact, I found it kinda cute, though that is probably due to the word kumquat itself, truly a wonderful word.


But a “medium shrimp”? When I think of a medium shrimp I think of the delightful way the crunch of the exoskeleton releases that succulent burst of sweet briny flesh in my mouth…not what I like to think of with my baby daughter.

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